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School Field Trips

Why Take A Peralta Hacienda School Field Trip?

School Field Trips at Peralta Hacienda Historical Park are intended to offer experiences too big for the classroom.

Every element of our Field Trips tie into social studies curriculum and use hands-on activities to excite curiosity in students.

Field Trips at Peralta Hacienda receive consistently stellar reviews from Bay Area teachers -- and in 2023, Peralta Hacienda's School Field Trips program was honored with the California Association of Museum's Superintendent's Award for Excellence in Museum Education!

What Are They About?

Peralta Hacienda offers two highly acclaimed Hands-on History Trips. Ohlone Daily Life focuses on the pasts and presents of the first peoples of Northern California. Peralta Rancho Life immerses students in experiences of both colonial and Native peoples during the Rancho periods.

The trips are focused on 3rd and 4th grade curriculums, respectively, and aligned to both Common Core and CA History-Social Science Standards. But students from 2nd grade to middle school can enjoy either. Come for one, and you'll want to come back for the other!

Give Me The Details!

Our field trips are a full day, hands-on, immersive experience. They begin at 9:30 AM and wrap up around 1:45 PM. Fees are charged per group, not student – that way you don't have to worry about changes to the roster before the trip! Our current fee schedule is: 

  • $525/trip for Ohlone and Rancho Daily Life (cap at 45 students per trip, depending on chaperones)
  • $275/trip for Title 1 schools or groups <20 for Ohlone and Rancho Daily Life, at time of booking
  • $250/trip for personalized site / house tours with discussion activities 
  • $100/trip for Title 1 schools for personalized tours

For schools that request shortened schedules, we offer a discount of $25 if only doing 4 stations and $50 if only doing 3 stations. 

We are committed to making our tours and trips accessible to all. If your school cannot afford these fees, please let us know. We will work with you to make our trips happen for you!


Schedule your field trip by clicking HERE!



Did you recently attend a Peralta Hacienda field trip? CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT AN EVALUATION! We need your feedback in order to continue affordable rates for our school field trips. 

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