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Information Sources
Gabriel Antonio Peralta 1730-1807
Juan José Peralta 1757-1832
Luís María Peralta 1759-1851
Pedro Regalado Peralta 1764-1838
María Gertrudis Peralta 1765-1802
Hermenegildo Ignacio Peralta 1791-874
José Domingo Peralta 1795-1865
Antonio María Peralta (Sr.) 1801-1879
José Vicente Peralta 1812-1871
Antonio María Peralta (Jr.) 1829-1879
Caroline Peralta 1864-1955
Nelson John Peralta 1865-1952
Joseph Vincente Peralta 1867-1953
Clara Peralta 1868-1949
Loreta Peralta 1872-1953
Sara Peralta (no other data)
Arturo Antonio Peralta 1873-1919
Floirencio Fulgencio Peralta 1875-1951
María Antonia Peralta 1877-1954
Arthur John Peralta 1903-1967
Mary Sophie Peralta 1909-1980
Peralta-Galindo Marriages
Inez Peralta Galindo 1840-1913
Most of the information in this genealogy was compiled by Beverly Peralta Enz through years of research, tracking down birth, baptism, and death certificates, and traveling to cemeteries and libraries. Beverly is the great-great granddaughter of Antonio María Peralta, and therefore her research focused on her own direct line. Other sources of information include a genealogy prepared by Keith Ponsford and Beverly Peralta Quadros Enz for the Los Californianos newsletter Antepasados, Vol. I, No. 3, 1975, as well as documents found in the manuscript collection of the California History Room of the Oakland Public Library. Thank you to the California Genealogical Society for their help organizing the Peralta Family Tree.

Patriarch of the family. Born circa 1730, native of Real de San Juan de Sonora, México, and came to California as a cabo (corporal) in the Anza party, 1775-1776. He was accompanied by his wife and four children. In 1777, he served at the San Francisco Presidio, was corporal of the guard at the founding of Santa Clara, and in 1790 he is listed as an invalido (retired soldier) at San José. He was one of the founding members of the pueblo of San José in 1777. He died October 22, 1807, and was buried at Mission Santa Clara. Gabriel married María Francisca Javiera Valenzuela on January 1, 1756, at Santa María Suamca Mission, Sonora, México. She died March 4, 1811, at Mission Santa Clara.

Juan José (II-A), born April 26, 1757; died June 19, 1832.
Luís María (II-B), baptized August 31, 1759; died August 26, 1851, in San José, California.
Pedro Regalado (II-C), born circa 1765; died December 23, 1839.
María Gertrudis (II-D), born circa 1766; died December 31, 1802.

Born April 26, 1757, baptized at Mission Santa María Suamca, Sonora, México. Married: Ana Isabel Berryessa on April 7, 1777, at Mission Dolores, San Francisco, California. She was born in 1754 in Sinaloa, Mexico. Her parents were Cayetano Berryessa and María Micaela Leiva and she came to California as a member of the Anza party. Her brother was Nicolas Berryessa. Juan José, a corporal like his father, is listed as an invalido at Branciforte in 1799 and comisionado (deputy) in 1811. Juan José died on June 18, 1832, Mission Santa Clara. Ana Isabel Berryessa Peralta was a widow in 1842 and was living in San José. Juan José and Ana Isabel had no children.

Born at Tubac Garrison, Sonora, México; baptized August 31, 1759, at Mission Guevavi, Sonora, México. He married María Loreto Alviso on February 23, 1784, at Mission Santa Clara. She was born circa 1771 at San Miquel Horcasitas, México, the daughter of Domingo Alviso and María Angelea de Trejo, she died July 22, 1836, and is buried at Mission Santa Clara. Luís was granted Rancho San Antonio in 1820 for his long military service to the Spanish government. He died at San José and was buried at Mission Santa Clara, August 26, 1851.

María Teodora, born April 1, 1786, Mission Dolores. Married Apolonario José Bernal, son of Juan Francisco Bernal and María Joséfa Soto, November 28, 1801, Mission Dolores. After his death in 1809, Teodora married Maríano Duarte, son of Alejo Antonio Duarte and María Gertrudis, on April 27, 1810, at Mission Santa Clara. She died on November 27, 1850.
Crisanto Antonio, born October 25, 1787, at Mission Santa Clara. Died in childhood.
María Trinidad, born October 16, 1789, at Mission Santa Clara. Married Maríano de la Cruz Castro, son of Ygnacio Clemente Castro and María Barbara Pacheco, November 25, 1810; Trinidad died December 25, 1872, in San José. Issue.
Hermengildo Ignacio, born April 3, 1791, at Mission Dolores. Died May 9, 1874. See III-A for wife and children information.
María Joséfa, born July 19, 1793, at Mission Santa Clara. Never married, lived with father in San José. Died July 11, 1862.
José Domingo, born December 1, 1795, at Mission Santa Clara, died April 3, 1865. See III-B for information on wives and children.
María Guadalupe, born December 20, 1797, in San José. Never married, lived with father in San José. Died September 5, 1890.
María Luisa Fermina, born July 6, 1800, in San José, died as an infant, August 10, 1801.
Antonio María, born August 16, 1801, died February 22, 1879, Oakland. See III-C for information on wives and children.
José María Zeferino, born August 26, 1802, Mission Dolores; date of death unknown.
María Luisa Fermina Barbara, born December 9, 1804, Mission Dolores, date of death unknown.
José Francisco Antonio, baptized March 9, 1807, at Mission Dolores in San Francisco, died April 17, 1811, at Mission Santa Clara.
José Vicente, born January 22, 1809, at Mission Santa Clara; died March 28, 1810, at Mission Santa Clara.
María Luisa, born December 9, 1810, baptized at Mission Santa Clara. She married Guillermo Castro on January 31, 1831, at Mission Santa Clara. He was the son of Carlos Antonio Castro and María de Rosario García and was born 1810. María is believed to have died December 15, 1873, and is buried at Mission Santa Clara.
José Ramon and María Ramona, twins, born October 16, 1811, died October 25, 1811, in Mission Santa Clara.
José Vicente, born November 21, 1812, in San José, died June 30, 1871, in Fruitvale. See III-D for information on wife and children.

Born circa 1764 or 1765 at Tubac Garrison, Sonora, México. He died December 23, 1838, a widower at Santa Clara. Married María de Carmen Grijalva (born 1772) on November 17, 1785, at Mission Dolores, San Francisco, She died 1813.

Juan Pablo, born in San Francisco, October 27, 1786. He married Ana Gertrudis Arce August 26, 1804, San Diego. He was co-grantee of the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana in Orange County with his uncle, José Antonio Yorba. He was the founder of the Peralta family in southern California. He died May 22, 1852.
María Tomasa, born December 22, 1788. She married Francisco Gonzales and died May 18, 1810, at Mission Santa Clara.
María Luisa, born August 25, 1790. Married Tomas Soto, November 28, 1807, in San Francisco. Tomas died February 3, 1821, in San Francisco and she married secondly Juan Ygnacio Alviso on February 22, 1830, in Santa Clara. Died August 14, 1865, at Santa Clara.
Sebastian Fabian, born January 20, 1794, at Santa Clara. Married first to María Gregoria Cibrian on June 17, 1831, at Santa Clara. She died October 17, 1837, at Santa Clara and he then married María Paula Sepalveda, widow of Francisco Pacheco, on January 22, 1846, at Santa Clara. He was regidor of San José and was granted Rancho Rinconada de Los Gatos on May 20, 1840. The adobe was located 100 yards from Roberts Road near bridge on Los Gatos Creek.
Joséf de Jesus, baptized June 7, 1796, at Monterey, presumed to have died in childhood.
María Antonia Magdalena, born August 8, 1805, married to José Fernandez.
José, born August 15, 1808, in San Francisco, died same day.
José Doroteo, born February 6, 1810, Mission Dolores. He never married and was killed on September 28, 1838, in a knife fight with José Antonio Galindo.
María de Jesus de la AscenciÛn, baptized May 7, 1812, at Mission Dolores and died same place on June 14, 1812. Other names mentioned as being children of the above are Felipe, Rafael, and Paula.

Born circa 1765 or 1766 at Tubac Garrison, Sonora, México. Married Nicholas Antonio Berryessa at Mission Santa Clara in October 10, 1779. She died December 31, 1802 - A description of her funeral is in History of Mission San José by F. McCarthy.

María Gabriela, baptized November 26, 1780, at Mission Santa Clara. Married Francisco Castro, son of Joaquín
Isidro Castro and Martina Botiller, born on February 16, 1795, at Mission Santa Clara.
María de la Luz, baptized January 25, 1783, at Mission Dolores.
José de los Reyes, born June 6, 1785, at Mission Santa Clara. Married María Zacharias Bernal, daughter of
Joaquín Bernal and Joséfa Sanchez, born on November 30, 1805, at Mission Santa Clara.
José Nazario Antonio, born July 28, 1787, at Santa Clara and married María Antonia Villela.
Nicholas Antonio, born December 6, 1789, at Santa Clara and married María Ignacia Padilla.
Juan José, baptized at Mission Santa Clara, January 21, 1792.
Ignacio María, baptized May 8, 1794, at Mission Santa Clara and died May 9, 1794, at Santa Clara.
Juana Ignacia, baptized February 17, 1796, at Mission Santa Clara and died February 18, 1796, at Santa Clara.
María Antonia Trinidad, baptized April 22, 1797, at Mission Santa Clara.

Born April 13, 1791, at San Francisco. Married Rafaela Sanchez October 23, 1816, at Santa Inez Mission. He died May 9, 1874, in San Leandro.

María Ignacia del Carmen, born September 13, 1819, at Santa Clara. She married José de Jesus Martínez on November 27, 1838. She died December 2, 1852.
José Francisco, baptized September 21, 1821, at Mission Santa Clara. He married Isadora Briones on November 10, 1841, Mission San José. He died circa 1879.
Miguel Antonio, baptized May 18, 1824, Mission Dolores. He married Francisca Rodríguez on January 4, 1859, Our Lady of Sorrows, Santa Barbara. He died September 2, 1869, Alameda County.
Joaquín, born 1827, died July 21, 1860, Alameda County.
María Ludrovina, born January 1, 1828. She married William Ivey. She died November 30, 1917, in San Leandro.
Luís María, born January 17, 1831. He married Victoria Tapia on November 14, 1871, at Old St. Mary's. He died December 1, 1874, Alameda County.
José de Jesus y Albino, baptized December 20, 1831, at Mission Santa Clara. He married Catarina Valéncia. Juan Bautista, born circa 1835. He married Rosa Higuera on January 15, 1876, in Alameda County.
María Antonia, born at San Leandro Creek on January 7, 1836. She married William P. Toler in 1853 and died April 8, 1926.
Gabriel, baptized in 1839, married Elfreida Castro before 1865.
Rafael, baptized circa 1840 at Mission Santa Clara.
María Luisa, no other data.

Born December 3,1795, at Santa Clara. He married Paulena de Pacheco on November 22, 1821, at Mission Santa Clara. He died April 3, 1865, in Berkeley.

José Vicente Antonio, born October 29, 1822, at Santa Clara. He married Mercedes Meza?
María de los Angeles Thomasa, (Angela) born November 2, 1824. She married first Guadalupe Garcia and secondly married Maríano Miranda.
Juan Guadalupe, born February 24, 1827, at Santa Clara. He married María Dolores Sais.
María Antonia Bernabella, born June 10, 1829, at Santa Clara. She married Francisco Garcia.
José Domingo married second wife María Eduviges Garcia on August 10, 1835, at Mission Santa Clara.

Children from second marriage:
María Francisca Isadora, born May 14, 1836, at Santa Clara. She married Juan Nepucemo Nino.
José Ramon Antonio, born September 23,1837.
Loreto, born circa 1839, married José Maríano Vallejo, December 5, 1864, at Old St. Mary's, Oakland.
María del Refugio Francisca Elena, baptized October 24,1842.
Luís María, born 1843 or 1844, died March 20, 1903.
Miguel Ismael, born August 29, 1845, at St. Raphael.
Francisco Clemento, born November, 1851, baptized St. Mary's Oakland.
Abel Militon, born circa 1856.
Virginia Gabraela, born January 11, 1858. She married Juan B. Martínez and secondly married Severiano Osuna

Two other children died in infancy: Ediviges, born July 21, 1863, and Pablo, born circa 1859 (or Paulus, June 11, 1859.)

Baptized August 16, 1801, at Mission Santa Clara. Antonio died February 22, 1879, in Fruitvale. He is buried at St. Mary's Cemetery. He married first María Antonio Galindo on May 22, 1828, at Mission Santa Clara. She died circa 1850 and is buried at Mission San José.

Antonio María Severo, (Jr.) born November 8, 1829, at Santa Clara. He married María de los Angeles Higuera. (See separate page for children)
José Guadalupe de Gracia, baptized January 21, 1832, at Santa Clara. He married María Antonia Miranda, December 23, 1890.
Lorenzo Fernando Antonio, baptized May 1, 1833, at Santa Clara. He married Rosa Valéncia; children: Fernando A., Maximillian J. and Paul J. He died October 10, 1891.
Antonio Fernando, born 1834.
Jesus María Antonio, baptized February 10, 1835, at Santa Clara.
María Rosa Antonia, born May 16, 1836, at Santa Clara. She married José R. Mendizabal December 14, 1855, at Mission San José. Second husband was Leonard Bontan. She died July 18, 1911.
Rita, born 1837.
Crisanto Antonio, baptized March 27, 1838, at Santa Clara. He married Arcadia Sibrian, January 20, 1867, at Benicia.
María Antonia Inez, baptized March 30, 1840, Mission Santa Clara. She married Francisco Galindo on August 31, 1869, at Old St. Mary's, Oakland. She died January 13, 1913.
Paula Antonia, born circa 1842, married Frank L. Galindo on February 23, 1881, Oakland. She died March 6, 1912.
Francisca Antonia Saturnina, baptized January 29, 1844, at Mission Santa Clara. Antonio married second, María Dolores Archuleta on October 15, 1852, St. Joseph's in San José. She died June 4, 1868. Children from second marriage:
Antonio María, born November 1852, baptized St. Joseph's, San José.
Baltazar Antonio, born February 22, 1855. He married Susie McGettigan. He died November 11, 1893, in a fire in San Francisco.
Julia, date of birth unknown, died November 1, 1868, buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Oakland.

Born November 21, 1812, in San José. He married María Encarnacion Galindo on January 1, 1833, at Mission Santa Clara. He died June 30, 1871, in Fruitvale.

José Loreto Guadalupe, baptized December 12, 1834. Died as young infant. Adopted six small children at different times: Patricio (Patrick McKay) who married Carmelita Estudillo in Alameda County on October 3, 1885.
Mercedes Duncan (Betsy) married José Manuel Valdez. She was born in Chile in 1844 and came to Monterey at 2 years old. (Brother at St. Mary's College Library is related.).
Luisiana, Isabella (White), Theresa (Berette), Francisco.

This concludes the portion of the genealogy concerning the family of Luís María Peralta, his parents and siblings, and his children. The remaining section of the genealogy will focus on the descendants of Antonio María Peralta because the 1870 Peralta House was his home and was lived in by his descendants. This information was researched and provided by Beverly Peralta Enz.

Born November 8, 1829, Mission Santa Clara. He died in Baja California on an unknown date, but it was before 1879, as he is not listed as an heir in his father's probate file. He married María de los Angeles Higuera, July 1, 1863. María was born January 11, 1836, and died January 17, 1914.

Caroline (Corinne, Corina) born May 1, 1864.
Nelson John, born November 2, 1865, baptized San Francisco
Joseph Vincent, born May 20, 1867
Clara, born July 14, 1868?
Loreta, born May 26, 1869?
Arturo Antonio, born November 9, 1873, Baja, California
Floirencio Fulgencio (Floyd) born September 27, 1875, Baja California
María Antonia (Tonita) born June 8, 1877, Baja, California

Born May 1, 1864, baptized June 12, 1864, at Mission San José. She married John G. Bogardus on September 5, 1919, in Oakland. They had no children. She died May 22, 1955, in Oakland, California.

Born November 2, 1865, probably in Warm Springs (Fremont), California. He married Mary Ann Redding on November 21, 1902, in San Rafael. She was born November 17, 1874, and died June 15, 1956, in Fremont. He died December 13, 1952, at the age of 87 in Martinez, California. He is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Mission San José (Fremont).

Arthur John, born October 9, 1903, in Richmond, California
Floyd Thomas and Vincent Nelson, twins, born January 23, 1906, in Richmond. One died July 30, 1906, and the other had died before.
Mary Sophia, born May 23, 1909, in Richmond.

Born May 20, 1867, Baja, California, baptized Old St. Mary's, Oakland, California. He married Lillian M. Cone (born Livermore, August 3, 1878) on November 30, 1895, in Pleasanton, California. He died July 17, 1953, in Oakland, California.

Ruth Clare, born November 28, 1896, in Oakland.
Catherine Dolores, born October 21, 1899, in Oakland.

Joseph Vincente Peralta divorced in San Francisco October 4, 1909 (final). He married secondly Olga Seror. She died September 18, 1923, in New York City, New York. He married thirdly Julia Seror, on April 14, 1924, in New York City. No children.

Born July 14, 1868. She never married and died February 21, 1949. No children.

Born May 26, 1872. She died May 2, 1953, in San Leandro.


Born November 9, 1873, Baja, California. He married Ruby Dawson, February 18, 1903, in San Francisco. Second marriage to Adelia Valein, June 14, 1917, Denver. He died April 12, 1919, in Los Angeles, California.

Born October 3, 1875, in Baja, California. He married Mazie Miller December 31, 1904, in Denver, Colorado, and married secondly Ida Lynn on September 7, 1920, in Denver, Colorado. He died December 14, 1951, in Portland, Oregon.

Born June 17, 1877, Baja, California. She married Conrad Lehmann, September 24, 1906, in Oakland, California. She died January 12, 1954.

Emily Lehmann, born August 6, 1908, in Hilo, Hawaii. She married Henry Talken, September 14, 1928. She had a son, Arthur Talken. She married secondly Joseph Curio, December 7, 1969.
George Lehmann, born May 11, 1909, in Hilo, Hawaii. Unmarried.

Born October 9, 1903, in Richmond, California. He married Leona María Ream, September 29, 1926, in Oakland, California. She was born July 3, 1905, in San Francisco, California. She died July 16, 1972, in Richmond, California. Arthur John died May 14, 1967.

Beverly Jean, born December 6, 1930, Albany, California. She married Daniel Quadros, September 2, 1950, in El Cerrito. She married secondly Joseph Enz on August 27, 1984. Children: Linda Claire Quadros, born July 4, 1964. Nancy Louise Quadros, born March 25, 1966.
Alice Louise, born October 2, 1936, Albany, California. She married Charles Scalberg, January 20, 1962, in El Cerrito, California. Children: Lynne Anne, born November 11, 1962. Chris Charles, born May 27, 1966.
Arthur John, Jr., born August 8, 1942, Albany, California. He married Mary Jane Marinovich, August 29, 1965, in Nevada. He died September 9, 1988.
Children: Stacy Anne, born July 16, 1964. David Arthur, born May 8, 1968.
He married secondly Sheryl Ann Granzella, July 4, 1976
Carla María, born December 22, 1977
Jon Richard, born December 7, 1981
Angela Louise, born October 25, 1982

Born May 23, 1909, in Richmond, California. She married Dante Solmi, February 10, 1934, in Reno, Nevada. She died November 19, 1980, in Martinez, California.

Carole Anne, born August 6, 1945, in Martinez, California. She married Jim Joseph Silva on September 13, 1964, Martinez, California.

Rick Joseph, born April 25, 1967.
Paul Dante, born January 26, 1969.

She married secondly Warren Rupf.

There were many marriages between the Peralta and Galindo families and the relationships are confusing. The following information is provided so that these relationships can be understood.

Francisco Galindo, second wife was Inez Peralta, youngest daughter of Antonio María Peralta.

sister of Francisco Galindo married Vicente Peralta, brother of Antonio María Peralta.

brother of Juan Crisostomo Galindo Nasario Galindo. His son Francisco L. Galindo, (also known as Frank Galindo) married Paula Peralta, daughter of Antonio María Peralta and sister of Inez Peralta Galindo. Nasario also witnessed the will of Antonio María Peralta.

sister of Nasario Galindo, married Antonio María Peralta.

The children of Antonio María Peralta and María Antonia Galindo who married Galindos were:

married Francisco Galindo, brother of her aunt, Encarnacion Galindo Peralta who was married to Vicente Peralta, her uncle.

married Francisco L. (Frank) Galindo.

Relationships defined:
The Galindos that sisters, Paula and Inez Peralta married were first cousins. Paula married her mother's nephew and they were therefore first cousins. Inez married her mother's first cousin, therefore he was her second cousin.

brother of the above Juan and José Galindo, married María Ramona Lorenza Sanchez on August 27, 1795, at Mission Dolores.

José Antonio Galindo, who murdered José Peralta, son of Pedro Peralta, who was the brother of Luís María Peralta.

She was born March 30, 1840, at Mission Santa Clara. She married a widower, Francisco Galindo, the son of Juan Crisostomo Galindo and Ana Jacoba Bernal Galindo, on August 31, 1969. Francisco Galindo was born February 24, 1824. His first marriage was to Manuela Pacheco, the daughter of Salvio Pacheco and Juana Flores. They had three children: Juan, Mercedes, and Encarnacion Galindo. Francisco Galindo died in 1890. Inez died January 13, 1913.

José Galindo
J. Vicente Galindo
Jacoba Galindo
Carlota Galindo
Francisca Galindo
Teresa Galindo
Ruperto Galindo
Alexander Galindo
Joséfa Galindo

Through marriage, the Peraltas are related to most of the other northern Californio families of the era, including the Amador, Martinez, Bernal, Castro, Berryessa, Estudillo, Soto, Alviso, Carrillo, Higuera, Garcia, Sanchez, and Briones families.


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