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Facilities Wishlist

Peralta Hacienda's In-Kind Donation Wish List

To donate any of these items, please contact us at or (510) 532-9142 to arrange a drop-off time.

Curtains and curtain hardware for the Center for History & Community
The CHC has many windows, letting in the beautiful sunlight. As some of you may have noticed, sometimes the sun shines directly into the audience’s eyes, or interferes with slide shows and film screenings! We need to be able to control the light with curtains.

Lamps for exhibits

We need clip lamps, track lighting, or standing lamps with movable heads to use for our exhibits. Lighting is an important but expensive element of exhibit design.

Standing Lamps for the Center for History & Community
We throw many events in the CHC: from lectures, to concerts, to art classes, and we need lighting besides the fluorescents on the ceiling.

Throw rugs
We need throw rugs to protect the largest artifact in the house, the original soft redwood floor!

Large Rugs
We need a large throw rug for the Center for History & Community to help dampen the acoustics.

Runner Rug
We need a runner for the hallway to protect the largest artifact in the house, the original soft redwood floor! This should be a Victorian pattern, a very plain pattern, or else plain fiber matting.

Collections storage (large shelving)
Any large-scale shelving that can hold objects, big and small. We need to safely store historical objects that we do not have on display.

We have a large library of excellent historical and cultural books and articles that is currently being catalogued. We need both shelving and filing cabinets (a nice home for them upstairs in the Peralta House). If you are interested in using our books for research, please call and make an appointment to look at the books during office hours!

We need silverware to use for special events! Using real silverware will prevent landfill we would otherwise create by using disposable cutlery.

We need candlesticks to lend ambiance to our fabulous special events.

Two 80 foot garden hoses (or one 160 foot)
Community gardeners’ beds are drying up in the park’s sunny centeral area, ever since our former hoses sprung a number of leaks. Help the gardens continue to grow!

Sturdy Easel for displaying large poster boards
Help us impress funders and audiences by presenting landscape plans, proposed signage, maps, and presentation boards on a new easel.

Shovels & trash-grabbers
Help our growing Second Saturday Stewardship Day make effective use of every volunteer by donating additional shovels and trash-grabbers.

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