Spring at the Hacienda! 

For the past four years, members of the Cambodian community have partnered with Peralta Hacienda Historical Park to bring music, dance, food, and festivities to the local community. 

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Home & Away


Do you know someone who's incarcerated in California?

Have you been incarcerated yourself?

Do you have a story to tell about the effects of 
mass incarceration on our community?

We want to hear from you.

Peralta Hacienda is starting a project called 'Home and Away' to document the effects of mass incarceration on our community in Oakland. From now through October 2015 we hope to create healing through community, interviews, an exhibit, and art and writing workshops. 

If would like to tell your story or participate in the workshops, email homeandawaycwf@gmail.com.

Or call Beverly Hodge Odabi at the Peralta Hacienda, (510) 532-9142, ext.7.  

Click here for more info about this project!

This project is possible thanks to the generous support of the Creative Work Fund. 

Native American Hands-on History Events! 

Saturdays, March 7 to April 18 2:30-5:30pm

Come to a free course on Oakland's Native History for six Saturdays in March and April. Explore the world of the Ohlone and other groups with culture bearers and experts on the lifeways of the Ohlone and other indigenous peoples of the East Bay. 

Every session will include hands-on activities for all.

Kids are very welcome!



This program is possible thanks to the generous support of the Institute of Museums & Libraries Services. 

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